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Beat the heat with these mouth watering drinks and beverages from Odisha

Mouth watering drinks and beverages from Odisha
Image Source : FREEPIK Mouth watering drinks and beverages from Odisha

As the summer season season is at its peak, the hovering temperatures can depart one feeling drained, sticky, and matted. It is important to prioritize hydration to maintain oneself throughout this scorching heat and guarantee optimum well being. Due to extreme sweating, the physique tends to lose water quickly, making it essential to replenish fluids ceaselessly. While water is the major supply to quench thirst, different refreshing summer season drinks in India cannot solely satiate your thirst but additionally assist regulate your physique temperature.

India is a area that’s well-known throughout the world for its delectable road meals and different main cuisines. The jap Indian state of Odisha can also be one area that has amazed foodies throughout the nation with regards to its mouthwatering dishes. Odisha is a land of wealthy cultural heritage and delectable delicacies and can also be dwelling to a vibrant array of refreshing and distinctive beverages. 

Must-try beverages and drinks in Odisha

1. Tanka Torani

Tanka Torani is a well-liked rice-based refreshing drink from the holy land of Jagannath puri, Odisha. Traditionally, it’s made from plain rice (Arnna) which is obtainable as Lord Jagannath’s Mahaprasad. Some declare that the drink was ready for the first time round the 10 century AD. This Tanka Torani is a staple drink, normally served in earthen pots inside the temple and additionally outdoors of it in small stalls to alleviate the devotees standing in the lengthy queues.

2. Bela Pana – The drink of Lord Jagannath

Bela Pana is a well-liked summer season drink in the state of Odisha, India. It is made from a fruit referred to as Bela or wooden apple, native to India and different Southeast Asian nations. Bela Pana is a conventional drink consumed in Odisha for hundreds of years and holds nice cultural significance in the area.

3. Sol Kadhi 

Sol Kadhi is a refreshing drink from Maharashtra made from coconut milk, kokum, and spices like cumin, coriander, and ginger. The phrase ‘sol’ in Marathi means bitter, whereas ‘kadhi’ is a time period used for a yogurt-based gravy in Indian delicacies. Sol kadhi is made by mixing kokum (a fruit native to the Western Ghats area), coconut milk, and spices. The ensuing drink has a tangy, refreshing style and is commonly served as a digestive support.

4. Palua Sharbat

Palua Sharbat aka Paula Pana is one well-known summer season drink from Odisha which is made out of Palua (Arrowroot powder), mashed banana, shredded coconut, chena, Mishri or crystallized sugar, and pepper powder. The tremendous refreshing drink, which is a kind of pana provided to Lord Jagannath at Puri, can also be topped with bananas or grated coconut. Similar to the different summer season drinks of Odisha, Palua Pana additionally helps with an upset abdomen.


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