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Donald Trump ‘hasn’t got the brains’ for dictatorship: Ex-adviser John Bolton

Former US National Security Adviser (NSA) John Bolton, in a pointy criticism of Donald Trump, mentioned his ex-boss “hasn’t got the brains” to develop into a dictator, whereas additionally questioning his skilled background, commenting that “he’s a property developer, for God’s sake”.

In September 2019, the former President sacked Bolton after they considerably disagreed on Iran, Afghanistan and a myriad different international challenges. Bolton and Trump often clashed on overseas coverage points, with the latter accusing the former NSA of not getting together with others in the administration and being out of step with him on coverage.

In an unique interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, the 75-year-old Bolton was requested if Trump, the lone remaining contender for the Republican nomination for this 12 months’s presidential election, had dictatorial tendencies.

To this, he replied, “He hasn’t got the brains! He’s a property developer for God’s sake.”

Bolton’s remark came months after Trump, while addressing the New York Young Republican Club’s 111th Annual Gala in December 2023, said he wanted to be a dictator for “sooner or later”.

“You know why I wished to be a dictator? Because I desire a wall, and I wish to drill, drill, drill,” he said in reference to the wall along the southern border with Mexico and drilling in the US.

In the past as well, the former President has praised autocratic leaders, including North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who he met earlier this month, the Guardian newspaper reported.

During the interview with Le Figaro, Bolton was also asked about what would be the consequences for American foreign policy if Trump returned to the White House after the November election.

He said it would be a mistake to consider Trump a “regular politician”.

“Donald Trump does not have a political philosophy, he does not become involved in coverage evaluation or decision-making in the means we usually use these phrases. For him, every thing is episodic, anecdotal, transactional. And every thing is contingent on the query of how it will profit  Donald Trump  — politically or personally,” Bolton said.

“When folks speak about his insurance policies, they’re speaking about one thing that doesn’t exist. Trump made hundreds of choices throughout his presidency,” he added.

The former NSA also said that if his former boss was re-elected for a second term, it was “very probably” that he would leave Nato.

“Trump, when he has an idea, comes back to it again and again, then gets distracted, forgets, but eventually comes back to it and acts on it. That’s why leaving Nato is a real possibility. A lot of people think it’s just a negotiating tool, but I don’t think so,” Bolton was quoted as saying.

When he was in office, Trump was a vocal critic of the military alliance, repeatedly threatening to pull out of it. He cut defence funding to Nato and frequently complained that the US was paying more than its fair share.

In February, he faced widespread criticism after the former President complained about what he called “delinquent” payments by Nato members and recounted what he said was a past conversation with the head of “a giant nation” about a potential attack by Russia.

“No, I might not defend you. In truth I might encourage them (Russia) to do no matter the hell they need. You gotta pay,” Trump said he told the unnamed leader.

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Mar 31, 2024

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