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Italian mafia boss, who escaped from jail last year using bedsheets, caught in France

An Italian mafia boss, deemed to be probably the most violent, and who escaped from a most safety jail last year using bedsheets, has been recaptured in France. Authorities from each France and Italy confirmed his recapture.

News company AFP, citing a supply, reported that Marco Raduano was arrested on Thursday (January 1) night when he was eating at a restaurant with a younger girl.

Videos of his dramatic escape from a heavy safety jail in Nuoro, Sardinia, went viral on social media. It confirmed him using knotted bedsheets to scale down after which drop on the bottom earlier than leaping again up and fleeing. The complete escape was caught on the surveillance digicam.

Described as “dangerous”, Marco Raduano was on Europol’s record of Europe’s most-wanted criminals. The 40-year-old is the boss of the agricultural Gargano clan functioning in Foggia, in the southern area of Italy, Puglia – referred to as the ‘Fourth Mafia’, CBS reported.

He was arrested on February 1 in Corsica in France.

He had been serving a 24-year sentence for being a member of a legal organisation, holding unlawful weaponds, drug trafficking, and different crimes, in line with Europol.

Italian authorities introduced that Marco Raduano’s shut aide and his right-hand man, Gianluigi Troiano, was additionally arrested close to Granada in southern Spain.

“The carabinieri’s (police’s) capture abroad of two dangerous fugitives, Marco Raduano, and his right-hand man, Gianluigi Troiano, represents another major blow to organised crime,” Italian Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi stated.

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Feb 4, 2024

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