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Meet Nisha Bothra: 26 Year Old On Mission To Save Dhokra Shilpkala Through Ocher Studio

Ocher Studio, below the stewardship of Ms. Nisha Bothra, has change into a beacon of cultural preservation and modern design. At simply 26 years previous, Bothra has launched into a commendable mission to safeguard Dhokra Shilpkala, an age-old artwork kind, by means of her revolutionary enterprise established in 2018.

Marking a major milestone, Ocher Studio not too long ago had the distinction of presenting a bespoke masterpiece to the President of (*26*), a testomony to the studio’s dedication to heritage preservation. This masterpiece, now housed within the esteemed President’s Museum, symbolizes the studio’s dedication to cultural legacy.

With a set that features bespoke handcrafted nameplates and the distinctive Tortoise Candle Holder, Ocher Studio weaves a story of triumph and resilience within the preservation of conventional arts. It stands as an emblem of victory, championing the reason for heritage within the fashionable design realm.

Nisha Bothra’s imaginative and prescient transcends the boundaries of a mere studio; it is a sanctuary the place age-old traditions and fashionable design ideas coexist in concord. Ocher Studio, celebrated for its contribution to the humanities, embodies Bothra’s dedication to cultural preservation and her ambition to bridge the previous with the current.

Ocher Studio serves as a cultural emissary, inviting fanatics to discover the wealthy tapestry of heritage artwork kinds blended with modern aesthetics. It represents not only a model, however a motion in direction of the preservation of cultural id by means of the lens of inventive innovation and timeless traditions.

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