Home Education Postpone ICAI CA Exam 2024: Aspirants Appeal to PM Modi for Rescheduling the Exam – Times of India

Postpone ICAI CA Exam 2024: Aspirants Appeal to PM Modi for Rescheduling the Exam – Times of India

Postpone ICAI CA Exam 2024: Aspirants Appeal to PM Modi for Rescheduling the Exam – Times of India


As the ICAI CA 2024 exams draw close to, an increasing number of individuals are calling for them to be postponed.
Concerns have been raised by aspirants, Chartered Accountants (CAs), and training consultants relating to the scheduling overlap between the upcoming Lok Sabha General Election 2024 and the slated examination interval for ICAI CA May exams from May 2 to 17. Expressing their misery, these people have turned to social media platform X (previously Twitter) to voice their grievances relating to the timing of the exams.
In an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CA Archana Yadav identified the powerful scenario college students face after they have exams and elections occurring at the identical time.She emphasised how delaying exams may assist cut back the large stress on college students, ensuring everybody has a good likelihood.

“This May 2024, 4 lacs ICAI students are scheduled to appear for exams. These exams are coinciding with the Lok Sabha Election dates. The exams will start on 3rd May 2024 and are scheduled to end on 16th May 2024. The dates are directly coinciding with elections dates even if at phase level, they may not be impacting all students at the same time,” reads the letter.
Archana make clear the stringent measures enforced amid the political marketing campaign panorama throughout India’s polling interval. She remarked, “There are stringent checks, protocols and resistance placed by Election Commission of India along with other government agencies in every nook of corner of cities, metros and other places which may include sensitive areas as well.”
Furthermore, she underscored the persistent risk of pre and publish-election violence orchestrated by influential figures and their supporters. She emphasised the disruption brought on by the lack of public transportation on examination days coinciding with the electoral course of, stating, “There may be challenges in the areas, strict resistance on movements, bus/transport movements restricted and many more issues.”
In response to her publish, many aspiring candidates have expressed their gratitude for addressing this challenge, which is of nice concern to college students getting ready for the ICAI CA Exam. One pupil wrote, “Thank you so much mam for the efforts. You’ve meticulous put up all our grievances. we are being compelled to make choice b/w our fundamental right and self-interest!! Whatever the result might be you’ve successfully put up our concerns. Thank you so much.”

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Recently, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) modified some examination dates so they do not conflict with elections. However, college students are nonetheless harassed as a result of of points with schedules. Here are the new examination dates:

  • Group 1 Intermediate Course Examination: May 3, 5, and May 9, 2024.
  • Group 2 Intermediate Course Examination: May 11, 15, and May 17, 2024.
  • Group 1 Final Examination: May 2, 4, and eight, 2024.
  • Group 2 Final Examination: May 10, 14, and May 16, 2024.


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