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Putin praises India’s independent foreign coverage, warns West not to ‘play video games’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for following an independent foreign coverage, retaining in thoughts its personal national interest.

“India pursues an independent foreign policy, which is not easy in the modern world. But India, with a population of one and a half billion, has the right to this,” Russian information web site Sputnik quoted Putin as saying throughout a gathering with college students in Kaliningrad, Russia, on Thursday.

Putin additionally warned “outside forces” (the West) not to “play games” for political clout in India. “Playing games with India related to influence on its politics from outside has no future,” the Russian chief mentioned.

Putin additionally mentioned that Russia can depend on India as a trusted associate. “We have very good relationships with India, and our faith in India is demonstrated by the fact that Moscow is New Delhi’s greatest foreign investor… and it is just the beginning,” Russia Today quoted Putin as saying.

Putin additionally praised the ‘Make in India’ initiative and mentioned that it’s making large waves underneath PM Modi.

The Russian President identified that India has an important tradition, calling it fascinating, numerous, and vibrant.

“Russia is probably one of the few countries where Indian films are regularly broadcast on national television channels. I don’t know of any other country like that. There are a lot of things that connect us,” Putin mentioned.

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Jan 26, 2024

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