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Shunned in computer age, cursive makes a comeback in California

A era of kids who realized to jot down on screens is now going old-fashioned.

Starting this 12 months, California grade faculty college students are required to study cursive handwriting, after the talent has fallen out of trend in the computer age.

Assembly Bill 446, sponsored by former elementary faculty instructor Sharon Quirk-Silva and signed into legislation in October, requires handwriting instruction for the two.6 million Californians in grades one to 6, roughly ages 6 to 12, and cursive classes for the “appropriate” grade ranges – usually thought-about to be third grade and above.

Experts say studying cursive improves cognitive growth, studying comprehension and superb motor expertise, amongst different advantages. Some educators additionally discover worth in instructing kids to learn historic paperwork and household letters from generations previous.

At Orangethorpe Elementary School in Fullerton, about 30 miles (50 km) southeast of Los Angeles, fourth- to sixth-grade instructor Pamela Keller stated she was already instructing cursive earlier than the legislation took impact January 1.

Some youngsters complain in regards to the problem, to which Keller has a prepared reply.

“We tell them, well, it’s going to make you smarter, it’s going to make some connections in your brain, and it’s going to help you move to the next level. And then they get excited because students want to be smarter. They want to learn,” Keller stated.

While instructing a cursive lesson this week, Keller dished out mild tricks to her college students equivalent to “Lighten up a little – do it really gently … An eraser is our best friend … That loop is wonderful. I love that loop.”

During a current go to to the college library, Keller stated one scholar grew animated upon seeing a picture of the US Constitution, written in 1787, remarking, “It’s cursive!”

Several of Keller’s college students acknowledged the topic was tough, particularly the letter Z, however loved it nonetheless.

“I love it, because I just feel it’s fancier how to write, and it’s fun to learn new letters,” stated Sophie Guardia, a 9-year-old in the fourth grade.

In instructor Nancy Karcher’s class, the response from third-graders ranged from “It’s fun” and “It’s pretty” to “Now I can read my mom’s writing” and “It’s for my secrets.”


As computer keyboards and tablets proliferated, cursive pale. In 2010, the nationwide Common Core schooling requirements had been revealed to assist put together college students for faculty. Cursive was omitted.

“They stopped teaching kids how to form any letters at all. Teacher colleges are not preparing teachers to teach handwriting,” stated Kathleen Wright, founding father of the Handwriting Collective, a nonprofit selling handwriting instruction.

But cursive is making a comeback. California turned the twenty second state to require cursive handwriting and the 14th to enact a cursive instruction invoice since 2014, in accordance with Lauren Gendill of the National Conference of State Legislatures. Five states have launched cursive payments up to now in 2024.

Leslie Zoroya, mission director for studying language arts on the Los Angeles County Office of Education, stated analysis has proven that studying cursive promotes a number of expertise that hyperlink collectively and enhance childhood growth.

“You’re using different neural networks when you’re doing cursive rather than printing. And so it’s creating those pathways in your brain. It also helps with the retention of information, how letters are formed. As you’re creating the letter, you’re thinking about the sound that letter makes and how does it connect to the next letter,” Zoroya stated.

Quirk-Silva stated she was impressed to sponsor the invoice after a 2016 assembly with the Jesuit-educated former Governor Jerry Brown, who, when he realized the not too long ago re-elected meeting member was a instructor, instantly advised her: “You need to bring back cursive writing.”

Technically, cursive was nonetheless alive. California’s requirements had cursive writing objectives, however Quirk-Silva stated the instruction was flagging and inconsistent.

“The hope of the legislation is that by the time students leave sixth grade, they would be able to read and write it,” Quirk-Silva stated.

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