Home Bollywood ‘What is the need for…’, Orry slams influencer for defaming him after he avoided shaking hands

‘What is the need for…’, Orry slams influencer for defaming him after he avoided shaking hands

‘What is the need for…’, Orry slams influencer for defaming him after he avoided shaking hands


Image Source : INSTAGRAM Orry

Orhan Awatramani aka Orry, has been the discuss of the city for the netizens just lately as he is typically seen hanging out with A-lister Bollywood stars, attending events and occasions, and posing for paps with them. His signature pose with celebrities is liked by everybody. Recently, an influencer Ruchika Lohiya shared a reel on her Instagram profile during which she described how embarrassed she felt when she went to shake hands with Orry. 

The influencer shared the clip and wrote in the caption, “Behind the scenes, have more emotions than usual ! This video was not created to reflect what went wrong but to highlight what went right at the end, in the end, we will encounter right people always….my embarrassing moments create a #storytime wherever I go”. As the reel additional proceeded, she mentioned how she needed to fulfill Orry and shake hands with him, however in return, he did a fist bump.

In response to the reel, Orry wrote, “Babe, I do not know you, you ain’t my homie, I do not know what germs and shit your hand carries, I am always happy to meet fans and friends, when the time permits, shoving your way to me at a public event, passing my security and disrespecting my manager, you yet got close to me and politely greeted you, don’t expect strangers to touch you, you got a friendly fist bump but event that’s not enough ??? He further added, And if you were truly embarrassed what is the need for this clout-chasing video ??? Sly and shameless.” 

Netizens in flip who bashed Orry being impolite, he replied again and gave his sincere opinion. He replied to at least one person, “stranger = no shake”. Few even supported Orry, and one person wrote, “completely agree , it’s not even about germs or something , it’s about the mood and vibe of that place too , Gurl you got that fist bump , MORE THAN ENOUGH.”

For the unversed, Orry was born in Mumbai on August 2 and is the son of businessman Suraj Ok Awatramani and Shahnaz Awatramani. Awatramanis is a  wealthy household, and they’re concerned in liquor, lodge, and actual property enterprise. He studied in the US together with the youngsters of many Bollywood celebrities and highly effective personalities.

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