Home Lifestyle What is the significance of ‘sindoor’ in Hinduism? Know its origin, symbolism and mythology

What is the significance of ‘sindoor’ in Hinduism? Know its origin, symbolism and mythology

What is the significance of ‘sindoor’ in Hinduism? Know its origin, symbolism and mythology


Significance of 'sindoor' in Hinduism
Image Source : PHOTO BUDDIES Significance of ‘sindoor’ in Hinduism

Sindoor- A luscious crimson in the center parting of your hair sends a easy message – you’re married. But is the message actually that easy? From the second {that a} girl is smeared with the sindoor at the time of her marriage ceremony, socio-religious norms dictate that it should keep along with her, or she with it, so long as her marriage lasts. The first time Sindoor is utilized is throughout the bridal ceremony the place the groom recites the slokas and adorns the bride with it. This ceremony is often known as Sindoor-Daan and is nonetheless carried on in current instances.

Sindoor and its astrological significance

According to Hindu astrology, the House of Aries or Mesha Rashi is located on the brow. The Lord of Aries is Mars and its colour is crimson which is believed to be auspicious. This is another excuse why crimson sindoor is utilized at the brow and at the hair partition. Also, each are indicators of Saubhagya (good luck). Sindoor is likewise thought of as the image of the feminine power of Shakti.

Sindoor and mythology

In Hindu mythology, sindoor carries immense significance. As per legends, Parvati, the spouse of Lord Shiva, used to put on sindoor on her brow as an emblem of her piety and affection in direction of her husband. It is believed that sindoor is Lord Shiva’s favourite and ladies who placed on sindhur on their brow are granted a protracted and blissful married life. The act of placing on sindoor on the bride’s brow is additionally thought of a blessing. It is believed to usher in good luck and prosperity to the couple and avert malevolent spirits, defending the couple from hurt. Therefore, sindoor is not solely an emblem of love and devotion but additionally a supply of safety and blessings for the newlywed couple.

Enhances the magnificence

Sindoor will increase the female grace to a big extent and offers divine magnificence. Red is often known as the colour of love and ardour and therefore utilized by Indian ladies to win the coronary heart of their husbands. Sindoor signifies that the girl is married and is below the safety of her husband and thus nobody ought to solid an evil eye on her. Also, the colour of fireplace, blood and energy, the shade Red signifies that girls ought to by no means be thought of and needs to be revered as Shakti (goddess of energy). She will be the spark of fireplace or a delicate flower at her personal will to guard herself in addition to her motherland.


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