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When is Sakat Chauth 2024? Know date, chaturthi tithi, rituals and more

Sakat Chauth 2024
Image Source : FILE IMAGE When is Sakat Chauth 2024? Know date and significance

Sakat Chauth, often known as Sankashti Chaturthi, is a extremely auspicious pageant normally celebrated by ladies devotees in India. It is noticed on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha within the Hindu month of Magh. Sakat Chauth is a time when ladies quick and pray to Lord Ganesha for the well-being and prosperity of their households and kids. In this text, we’ll discover the date, rituals, and significance of Sakat Chauth 2024.

Sakat Chauth 2024: Date and Timings

Sakat Chauth 2024 Date: January 29, 2024

Chaturthi Tithi begins: 06:10 AM on January twenty ninth, 2024

Chaturthi Tithi ends: 08:54 AM on January thirtieth, 2024

Sakat Chauth 2024: Significance

Sakat Chauth holds nice significance in Hindu tradition and is thought of a day of immense blessings and prosperity. The pageant is devoted to Lord Ganesha, who is referred to as the remover of obstacles. Devotees imagine that observing the Sakat Chauth quick with sincerity and devotion can bestow the Lord’s blessings upon them.

Women primarily observe the Sakat Chauth quick to hope for the longevity, well being, and success of their kids and households. It is believed that the quick brings safety and prosperity to all the household.

Couples dealing with difficulties with childbirth additionally observe the Sakat Chauth quick and search the blessings of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that the quick can have a optimistic affect on their scenario and bless them with a beneficial final result.

Sakat Chauth 2024: Rituals

Sakat Chauth is marked with varied rituals and customs which might be adopted by devotees to hunt the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Let’s check out the important rituals related to Sakat Chauth:

Early morning tub: Devotees start the day by taking an early morning tub, thought of purifying and spiritually important.

Sankalpa: After the bathtub, devotees take the sankalpa, a sacred vow to watch the Sakat Chauth quick for all the day. The sankalpa is made with deep devotion and dedication.

Preparation of Idol: Following the sankalpa, devotees put together the idol of Lord Ganesha. The idol is adorned with new garments and positioned on a stool.

Offerings: Devotees supply flowers, fruits, and sweets to the idol of Lord Ganesha as a gesture of gratitude and devotion. The Sakat Chauth aarti, a hymn devoted to Lord Ganesha, is carried out throughout this time.

Prasad: After the rituals and choices, devotees eat til laddoo as prasad. This signifies the completion of the quick and the chance to interrupt the quick.

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